The Homie-Teez at The #Moshito Music Festival at Melville

Pretoria, Ga-Rankuwa please stand-up for your boy Homie Teez


Tshiamo Moloke, better known by his stage name The Homie Teez  is an up and coming rapper, singer and songwriter. The Homie-Teez and his partner in this music thing, Sokhwezii_therapperdude blessed us with one of the most energetic and spectacular  performances at The #Moshito Music Street Festival last Saturday in Meliville.

Talk about a turn-up, never mind the fact that there were no seats and all that, the homies had us on our feet, song after song. I think the most awesome moment was when they performed their own version of  PEARL THUSI, PEARL THUSI…  guess who theirs is about? Ya, couldn’t have guessed it too- You’ve got to give to them

“I heard you talking about Pearl Thusi, I heard you talking about Boity Thulo, I heard you talking about Minnie Dlamini and I heard you talking about sammy sosa- Anele Mdoda- I need me Anele Mdoda”


PEEP Interview: From hating on each other during high school years to combining that negative energy to make for a better team in music

Homie-Teez and Sokhwezii_therapperdude

I know, I know, I know you probably asking, so where can we listen to the song, well look no further because I’ve got you covered- Anele Mdoda


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