The #Moshito Music Festival, Showcasing Local Talent

This past week has been crazy for some of us music lovers, as we welcomed spring with a bang. It should be general knowledge by now that every year around this time we meet up for a hectic four days of nothing but music, from debating the culture, gaining an insight into the business, connecting with fans, and of course crazy killer performances, thanks to the #Moshito event organisers.


The 13th  annual Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition started on the 7th of September where music industry experts and those who want to learn from them, met at SABC Radio Park to discuss and debate the music industry. With more than 100 specialists, taking an interest in more than 12 topics – demo and music showcases, #Moshito 2016  was definitely  the place to be for up and coming artists.

South African artists are at a point where they want to manage themselves, more than anything they want to be independent. We are past the time where we used to be so eager to sign with big corporates but of course, now we kind of want to work alongside them. Peep Interview with the homie Neo Beats

But of course that culture isn’t dead, it’s pretty much alive, with Reggie Nkabinde signing basically every big artist to ever come out of Mzansi.

There is a place for people like Reggie in the music entertainment world, specially with the wave of up and coming artists, there’s definitely a need for stables such as Mabala Noise. If not, then you must have got some awesome advice from the panel discussions that took place Wednesday at SABC Radio Park, Auckland Park.


For all my hip hop heads, hippies and good people, the 9th were total bliss- or what. We linked up at Zone 6 Venue to witness the BEAT Festival, which featured most probably all the big names in the South African music scene. From  Gigi LaMayne, L-tido, Reason, Emtee, Kwesta, Bucie  to your Duncan, Horus Tha-God and many many more.

By the way, Horus Tha- God for some who might not know  is ‘Mazishe ngama two’ rapper Jonny Joburg new alias, just thought I’d get that out of the way.  He has a new single titled Wave currently playing on the airwaves, make sure you tune in and listen to it.

Moving right along, the following day after the beat festival, all roads led to Melville 7th Street & 4th Avenue for the final installation of the #Moshito Music Exhibitions. During the #Moshito Music Festival in Melville I had the opportunity of  interviewing a lot of artists, Theo Songstress , The Homie-Teez and his partner in music, Krzay  to mention a few.

To find out more about these artists- watch out for the extended version of this post.

For now, peep interview with  Neo Beats, multi-talented producer, singer and award winning rapper.

Neo Beats currently has a single out, check it out below :

Signing out, hope you have a fantastic Monday, see you again soon


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